Constructive thoughts after a failure

You failed. Be it a job deadline, a job interview, a personal side hustle, sports, or a social goal, things didn’t turn out as you expected. Time’s up, what you have in front of you is not your brightest work, you let yourself or somebody else down. It sucks, doesn’t it?

Below are little suggestions which may ease the situation.

  • The journey matters. Haven’t you enjoy anything from the process? Were you in a comma or prison the whole time? Does the trip consist only of the destination? Of course not. Retrieve the moments when you genuinely enjoyed yourself during the time invested.
  • Zen-ify yourself. Who really cares you screwed up? Why should you care? (Assuming you haven’t broken any moral or legal law.) The universe unfolds in unexpected ways, your just part of it, let it flow through you. Take a break from this expectations race and just enjoy the show untroubled.
  • Continue where you left and try again. Real life is seldom a finite game and despite the “#YOLO” movement, it’s actually pretty long for must of us. Existence is a chain of failed events mostly and success is probabilistically at the end. No reason to give up.
  • Rebrand scraps to gems. Patiently take a second look at your project. Isn’t there something you created that could be reused? Even if it’s not what you had initially in mind, maybe there’s accidental value that can be “sold” under a new name. How about the experience? Your physical or mental stamina increased a few points. It’s unlikely not to have learnt anything that would become helpful in the future.

This post is it’s own example. I’ve been trying to publish a technical article for weeks now. I’ve got flaky results, have encountered endless rabbit holes, motivation has fled the country. And today I felt blue. However, I said to myself exactly what I wrote above. It felt good writing it down. Hope it feels the same reading it.